The Role of Psychological Correction in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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Jamilya Kaibullayeva
Natalia Imtossimi
Zhanna Romanova
Anar Dushpanova


Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD),are the life-lasting progressive diseases with destruction of gastrointestinal tissue and patients disability. The influence of stress or psychosocial factors as pathology triggers well known in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease diseases [5-9]. During a comprehensive psycho-correctional program that included individual and then group work with IBD patients various cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques were used. The results obtained testify not only about the need for individual psychological support, but also about the great benefits of group analysis. The usage of various methods of cognitive-behavioral therapy allows you to optimize psychological assistance to patients with IBD.

Inflammatory bowel diseases, psychological factors, cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Kaibullayeva, J., Imtossimi, N., Romanova, Z., & Dushpanova, A. (2019). The Role of Psychological Correction in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. Asian Journal of Medical Principles and Clinical Practice, 2(1), 1-7. Retrieved from
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