2020 - Volume 3 [Issue 1]

Method Article

Origin Identification of Buckwheat from Different Areas in Loess Plateau by Chemical Analysis and Data Mining Techniques

Jing Yang, Dong-Qin Wang, Qiang Zhang, Jian-Guo Xu

Page: 40- 49

Original Research Article

Toxicological Evaluation and Anti-inflammatory Effects of the Anti-arthritic Herbal Formulations, Jointeez and Arthropower in Albino Wistar Rats

Kemzi N. Elechi-Amadi, Holy Brown, Ojoye N. Briggs, Edna O. Nwachuku, Boma H. Opusunju

Page: 50- 57

Erectile Dysfunction and Depression in Males with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Tertiary Healthcare Facility in Uyo, South-South Nigeria

Henry Effiong Jombo, Samuel Inih Onung, Alphonsus Udo Idung, Victory Edet Iyanam

Page: 9-17

Antimalarial Potential of Methanolic and Aqueous Extracts of Leaves, Root and Stem-Bark of Vitex doniana

A. C. V. Uzoho, A. C. Ene, C. U. Igwe

Page: 18-24

The Quality of MCQs in Radiology Theory Lessons Assessed by the Millman Standard

Nazanin Forghani

Page: 65- 73,

Effects of Crude Oil Exploration Activities on Okpai Community of Delta State, Nigeria

Adjene Josiah Obaghwarhievwo, Okwuezolu Frederick Adinkwu, Chime Helen Ego

Page: 25-32

Toxicological Effects of Overdose of Some Herbal Bitters Commonly Consumed in South Southern Nigeria

Kemzi N. Elechi-Amadi, Ojoye N. Briggs, Boma H. Opusunju, Nimisoere P. Batubo, Ruth R. Ubulom, Queen E. Solomon

Page: 74- 78

Ethanolic Extract of Garcinia kola (Heckel) Seed Possesses Antiplasmodial Properties against Plasmodium berghei

A. I. Airaodion, J. A. Ekenjoku, K. O. Ngwogu, A. C. Ngwogu

Page: 33-39

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